About Us

Changing the Game with Digitalized
Customer Experiences

DICE205 is a Philippine-based IT & Digital Marketing company focusing on providing impactful dynamic solutions through our expertise in Web Development & Software Solutions, Digital Marketing, Creatives & Multimedia, and Salesforce Consulting.

We offer technical and creative digital solutions with a results-driven approach — everything that can boost a brand's online presence in a competitive digital market. We help growing innovative brands jumpstart their growth by driving awereness and traffic to their site, increasing sales leads, and building lasting relationships between them and their customers.

Our team works closely with brands to provide mobile and web design to development, SEO, PPC, and digital advertising, that matches potential needs with a capability for intake process and delivers strong workflow and success.

We develop and enhance brands around the world, gaining experience and knowledge from working with various companies across a wide spectrum of industries in the Philippines and beyond. With our digital strategies and out-of-the-box solutions, our mission is to utilize the power and potential of the internet to optimize the performance and maximize profits of businesses and organizations around the world to meet all types of digital needs and brand challenges we encounter.

DICE205 associates are comprised of individuals who are respectful, responsible, have a growth mindset, and most importantly, care about their peers and our clients.

When we work together, we are proactive with our responsibilities, we welcome and recognize each other's contributions, we offer support whenever necessary, and we keep open and honest communication. This results in an efficient and harmonious work environment allowing for a better workflow where we can achieve our goals with the utmost quality.

As such, we are a team committed to providing and delivering exceptional digital marketing campaign results and end-to-end software solutions that create an online presence and improve customer relations and experience for companies of all sizes.

Our Values

Laptop screen icon with shapes and a pen representing web design. Integrity & Honesty

We keep our word. We do what we say we’re going to do even when there’s no one watching. We treat our associates and clients fairly, foster open communication, and honor our commitments. More importantly, we take responsibility for our mistakes, proactively resolve them, and learn from them to prevent them from happening again.

Desktop monitor icon with the opening and closing coding tag symbol representing web development. Humility & Gratitude

We respect and value what others can contribute and we always acknowledge and appreciate their work or the work they have done. We recognize that there is always room for improvement, therefore, we keep an open mind to keep learning from each other, our clients, industry peers, and even our competitors.

Desktop monitor icon with a store window awning as its upper half. Care

We are always eager to help others. We create an environment of trust and a culture optimized for success. Whether it’s through joyous times or through hardship, we offer our support in any way that we can, making sure that we lift each other up. We believe that an environment surrounded by Care will provide our associates with a healthy place to grow and thrive.

Laptop icon with pen and design platform representing UI UX design. Innovation

We value constant improvement. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as a company and to work on them. We promote having a growth mindset, continuously improving not just our work processes, skills, and knowledge but also ourselves as individuals.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile phone icons together. Collaboration

We promote strong working relationships. We communicate well, support and motivate each other. We hold regular team meetings and fun virtual and physical events that encourage team-building and camaraderie. We also believe that having a good team relationship can encourage better problem-solving techniques and active listening in times of conflict.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile phone icons together. Humor

We connect with others cheerfully. We improve decision-making and productivity with a fun working environment. Humor makes it easier to open up and communicate with each other, and helps encourage creativity in the workplace. We hold fun activities and events that our associates can join to promote better teamwork or to just relax after a long workday.


Our History


Birth of Freshly Squeezed

A boutique design agency was born, under the name Freshly Squeezed Creative Solutions


Forming of Innovantage Inc.

Freshly Squeezed Creative Solutions merged with another company to form Innovantage Inc. and added Software Development services to the roster.


DICE205 Was Created

Innovantage Inc. grew and developed a SAAS product, eventually getting investment from a Venture Capitalist. The service team spun off to a different company and DICE205 was created.


The Growth of DICE205

DICE205 upgraded to a corporate entity and has been growing.


Salesforce Partnership

DICE205 partnered with Salesforce, a leading CRM tool. The team specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultancy and Heroku services.


Addition of Digital Marketing services

Other Digital Marketing services (SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Content, and Community Management) are added to the roster as the team and accounts continue to grow.

Our Culture

Family Oriented

Caring for our associates is our priority and family always looks out for each other. We provide wellness programs, flexible hours, and various employee assistance programs so our associates can have a work-life balance, letting them have more time to look out for their own families and themselves. We also strive to cultivate a work environment where associates can feel safe to speak their minds, whether to suggest creative solutions or voice out concerns.


Fun and flexible working environment. We value innovation, therefore we create a space where fresh perspectives are always welcomed and encouraged, and changes are seen as treasure troves of new opportunities. As most of our associates are young and young at heart, it is easier for everyone to relate and communicate with each other resulting in a more efficient work environment.


We value progress, not perfection. As we strive to achieve the same goals and objectives, we believe that having a healthy competition to push each other to do better can be beneficial to our overall performance. This can stimulate the drive to innovate, unleashing the potential that our associates may have and inspiring personal and professional growth.